that my ceilings are all white and wonderful, I've organised for my mate Bill to cover those last few brick walls with gyprock, and I'm telling you, I cannot wait to be rid of them. But as Bill has a holiday booked and will be away for the next couple of weeks (very inconsiderate of him, don't you think?) I'll take this time to plan my decorating theme for the dining area. At the moment, I have a large timber-framed mirror on the wall, and a sideboard, and I'll be giving them both a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. These are a few of the images I've saved, and of course there's a definite theme emerging here:

 lavender grove via

The gorgeous work of Steve and Brooke Gianetti

lavender grove via

As usual, I'm drawn to the idea of painting the mirror either black or white. I could, of course, silver leaf it,  which I'm sure Kerry would recommend! And I'm quite liking the touches of gold that have found their way back into vogue in recent times, but my house is a little too rustic and rough around the edges for it to work.

I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of my pretty new ceilings, and also the mirror and sideboard in question. In the meantime, feel free to give my your opinions - your ideas are always so inspired. Ok, must go - I have a game to watch! 

See you tomorrow,