Lately I've tought a lot about how my life has changed since my little Sofia was born, last year. My daily habits have been completely trasformated: now I have to satisfy all her needs first, and arrange my day on the base of them.  Add to this a big lack of sleep and you've got a mom's everyday life! ;)

But the most amazing change is that now I'm discovering the world again with Sofia. Now everything is new and incredible.

- The day she was born -
The birds twittering, an elicopter in the sky, the rain, lightnings and thunders, the snow! How delightful is to walk on the snow?

- 5 months old -
What about the sea? oh what an amazing view!!! Water, water, water and waves, and sand under your feet - isn't it a funny feeling? - and that sound, the deep sound of the sea!

- 9 months old -
Even going bicycle is somenthing new!!! And how fun is ringing the bell? And running barefoot on the grass? Playing with the dog, cuddling the cat, feeding a fluffy rabbit, smelling the flowers! And what about soap bubbles? Girls, I have to be honest, I have re-discovered them and found they are so funny!!!!

 - This winter, 11 months old -
Every brand new experience of the world Sofia makes, is an incredible new adventure also for me.

- Yesterday, 16 months old -

Sofia yesterday turned 16 months old and I was thinking about how lucky I'm to be a mom, because thanks to Sofia I've learned that every single thing in this world is amazing and nothing has to be taken for granted.

 *Photos by me*