Hi dearests!!! Today is a sunny lovely day here in Italy and I'm feeling very happy! There're no reasons in specific...or better there are a lot of reasons to be happy!!!

Today is one of those days when you woke up and everything seems beautiful! When the sky is blue, is warm but not hot, and you are so lucky to have a day off to work to just enjoy your day!!!!
I spent the mornig with my daughter Sofia, a dear friend of mine, Silvia, and her nephew, Giulia (which is same age of Sofia). We stayed at Silvia's parents who live in the country and spent the morning running after the 2 girls who were running after the dog, the cat, the chickens, the rabbits and also the red fishes in the pond!

Plus I'm so excited because tomorrow I will host my very first giveaway!!!
Ok, I know it's supposed to be a surprise, but I'm excited as a child in front of a marmelade jar and just cannot stay quite!

Images: Eva Lindh

So please come back tomorrow to check my giveaway, I hope you will like it!