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Moda, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore

I couldn't resist. I loved Sex and the City. I loved every single episode. I just adore all these shoes and beautiful dresses!!!

Wedding FeverModa, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Amanda outfits were always amazing and also the stories of the four women were told in a different way, more woman oriented, nearer of what a woman really think than every other fiction.
And then I went to the cinema to see the movie.
Abu Dhabi - here they come!Moda, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore

So I just couldn't go to see Sex and the City 2 this week end. I tell you the truth...I was convinced that the movie was not so good....and yes, it's not like the first one...

Carried AwayModa, Tendenze & Stili - Polyvore
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 ...But if you fancy a little bit of eye candy, if you want to dream about gorgeous dresses and to die for shoes, then Sex and the City is still the place!!!