I'm trying to decide what to do with my grain sacks, so this morning I popped this chair outside in the sun and started playing around to see what it would look like with brand-spankin' new burlap cushion covers. As you can see, they're just draped over the top, but you get the idea. What do you think? Oh, and please forgive these awful photos - my camera battery died midway through taking the shots, so this is as good as it gets today!

 the lilac of the top grain sack is much brighter than it looks in this pic

While I was outside, I couldn't resist taking a few extra photos. It's a beautiful winters' day here in Brisbane (if you can ignore the wind!) and the dappled light filtering through the trees was lovely. 

 the kids' old tyre swing has had quite a workout over the years

and their cubby house has seen better days, but I can't bear to part with it!

our driveway winds its way up this hill

the last leaves of my Jacaranda tree - aren't the colours lovely?

Have a great day everyone