So fortunate to have Jennifer Riner of Zillow as a guest blogger today.  Zillow is a site Mr. B and I find ourselves on often. (Totally unsolicited by the way). We love to check out the real estate in areas we think might be fun places to live... yes we are guilty of the 'lookee loos'.  Mr. B fantasizes about retiring on a beach or a lake someday so he loves to look at the 'possibilities'.  I like to peruse Zillow Digs for design ideas.  So being fans already, we jumped at the chance to have them on a guest post today.    

The 10 Best Paint
Colors for Kitchens

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

Altering kitchen paint colors can be intimidating,
especially when homeowners are accustomed to bland, builder-grade palettes.
However, incorporating fresh flair in kitchens is easy, especially when applying
adventurous palettes in small amounts.

Choose from the following 10 colors to create well-designed,
inspiring culinary spaces.

1. Timeless Gray

Source: Michelle Workman

Complement marble countertops with soft gray tones on walls
and cabinets. Marble stone grains provide dark contrast against similar,
lighter hues. Unlike other pale neutrals, gray color schemes appear clean
without feeling cold.

2. Bright White

Source: Lukas Machnik

Nothing says sterile quite like all-white kitchens. While
not everyone’s taste, bleached kitchens featuring pops of colors maintain some vibrant
interest. Fresh flowers, brightly-colored stand mixers and brass hardware
pieces appear more vivid against stark backdrops.

3. Charcoal

Charcoal is a prime accent color for large fixtures in the
kitchen, such as lower cabinets and island bases. Incorporating darker hues on
lower levels helps disguise drips, dust and grime accumulating from foot
traffic and high-use kitchens. Avoid overusing darker hues as they tend to
block out natural light, which is a highly-desired feature in kitchens.

4. Deep Black

Source: 24 Design Construction

While not appropriate for every space, black accents are
sleek and versatile options for larger spaces. Vast kitchens typically have
ample lighting to contrast dark shades, but black paint in smaller spaces tends
to absorb the already limited lighting. Limit dark hues to cabinets, accent
walls or countertops – but not all at once.

5. Greige

A new spin on classic beige is “greige,” incorporating gray
undertones rather than yellow. The latest mixture yields warm, yet
contemporary, atmospheres without looking generic.

6. Dark Navy

Source: Zillow

Navy is a go-to color for nautical or Cape Cod style
interiors, and the kitchen is not off-limits. Consider navy cabinets with
marble or quartz countertops for a sophisticated, Hamptons-style in any home.

7. Kelly Green

Fashionable, primary green looks great when paired with
butcher block countertops. Keep in mind that strong colors are best balanced with
neutrals. Constrain the number of loud tones on large façades, adhering to one
or two options for walls and cabinets.

8. Soft Yellow

For cottage-cozy appeal, incorporate muted yellow tones via
kitchen walls and cupboards. The key to finding the perfect yellow for varying spaces
is testing shades throughout the day. Sometimes, darker rooms require brighter
tones that appear gaudy in sun-filled spaces. Paint small patches and
photograph in various weather changes to determine suitability.

9.  Bold Red

Source: Zillow

Some individuals shy away from using red paint and choose to
incorporate the color using fabrics and accessories. Many fear the aggressiveness
red often denotes if overdone. On the contrary, red accents radiate energy. As
some designers proclaim, stimulating surroundings are imperative, especially in
the heart of the home.

10. Burnt Orange

Source: Gustave Carlson Design

, especially in loft-settings, appear handsome when paired with
unique colors. Burnt orange combined with exposed wood beams creates funky,
industrial ambiances for kitchens.

Kitchen color schemes largely reflect individual homeowners’
preference.  Provisional to location, sun
exposure and size, painting surfaces bright colors instead of neutral palettes
can be beneficial even if it’s outside of homeowners’ natural tendencies.
Regardless of personal preference, keep buyers searching for homes in mind
when updating kitchens for resale.